Is The Royal Treatment Spa and Party House An Actual Full Service SPA?

http://shadrowct.com/?p=56 No, our services are for entertainment purposes only. Our staff are very professional but not licensed cosmetologists. No permanent modifications are done, we do not cut hair, cuticles or nails.

How Much Time in Advance Should I Book My Party?

orlistat 50mg We ask that you book your party at least 2 weeks in advance. We recommend that you call to ensure availability as soon as possible, the earlier the better!

Can I Book My Party Online?

Yes. However you have to call to check the dates available. Then you will fill out a reservation form confirming your party date and pay a nonrefundable $150 fee to hold your spot.

What Time Should The Birthday Girl And Party Guests Arrive?

We kindly ask that the birthday girl and a parent or legal guardian arrive 15-20 minutes before the party to go over all details. We ask for you to strongly encourage all the guest to arrive on time, we will start on the original time scheduled.

Do You Wait To Start The Party In Case Any Guests Are Late?

Sorry, but we cannot wait for guests that are running late. We do not want to not take away from the birthday girls big day, so we begin at the time originally scheduled.

As a courtesy to the next party, your treatment will also end at the time originally scheduled

Can Other Parents Stay For The Party?

Certainly! A single parent or guardian per child are more than welcome to stay. We do have a waiting area where you can make yourself comfortable until the end of the party. However, please note that this is a high energy environment, we kindly ask that the parents do not interfere with any of the services being performed so that we can provide the best experience for your little ones.

Do You Provide Food For The Children?

Yes! You have a variety to choose from. They are listed under each party package.

Can I Serve Food To The Children?

No. Due to allergy policies we kindly ask that you please let us handle the food. We have a wide variety.

Does The Royal Treatment Spa and Party House Refund For Children Who Do Not Wish To Participate?

No. We understand that some girls may be shy, not want to get their nails painted, or walk down the runway, but we do have to charge for the confirmed guest.

Do Prices Include Sales Taxes?

No, sales taxes are not included in the price and will be added to your bill on the day of the party.

Should I Tip The Royal Treatment Staff For Large Parties?

Gratuities are not obligatory for large group birthday parties. You will not be charged a tip for any party package or salon services, but we highly recommend it. Our Royal Treatment Staff work very hard and do anything in their power to provide you and your little ones with the best experience yet. If you think a staff member deserves a tip, we have no problem, but don’t feel obligated.